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  • 公告: 打造天榮品牌,共創業績!我們以優良的產品、完善的服務與各界人士共謀發展。

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      廊坊天榮鋼結構建筑工程有限公司廠區位于廊坊市大城縣權村鎮 ,經營部位于廊坊開發區科技谷園區,天榮鋼結構建筑工程有限公司是一家集輕重型鋼結構、立體停車產品及車庫、金屬復合板材、幕墻板、樓承板設計、制作、安裝為一體的建筑工程公司,可承攬各項公共建筑、工業廠房、商業建筑、高層鋼結構、橋梁鋼結構以及鋼結構停車樓等工程項目。


      本公司現為中國鋼結構協會會員,擁有鋼結構工程承包二級資質,房屋建筑工程施工總承包三級資質,先后通IS09001、ISO14001、0HSAS18001三體系認證,并獲得企業等榮譽。 目前公司擁有技術人員85人,其中高級工程師1名,工程師25名,是一家集設計、生產、施工為一體的集團公司。





          TIANRONG Construction Group (Beijing) Co., Ltd., located at Langfang Development Zone Science and Technology Valley, has two subsidiaries at present, namely: TIANRONG Steel Structure Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. and YONGHUA Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. Among these subsidiaries, YONGHUA Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. is overall contracting company on building construction, while the other subsidiaries is steel structure manufacturing bases of the group with factories located respectively at Dacheng Jindi Industrial Park , which cover an area of 165,000 square meters with a building area of 65,000 square meters. As a group company specialized in light and heavy steel structures, 3D parking facility and garage, metal composite plate, curtain wall, design and manufacturing as well as installation of floor support board, TIANRONG Construction Group is capable to undertake such projects as: public buildings, industrial buildings, commercial buildings, high-rise steel structures, bridge steel structures and parking buildings of steel structure etc.

      Forward Cornerstone: Tianrong brand, first-class performance.
      Idea: "quality of survival, reputation and development."
      Development with partners and customers together based on our excellent products, excellent service.

      Now the company is a member of China Steel Construction Society and it has Second Level Qualification on contracting of steel structure projects, Third Level Qualification on contracting of Housing construction. The company has successively certified by IS09001, ISO14001 and 0HSAS18001, and obtains titles of honor such as Advanced Enterprise etc. At present we are a group company incorporating design, manufacturing and construction with 85 professional technical personnel, which includes 1 senior engineer and 25 engineers.
    The company has 6 world-class advanced H steel production lines, 6 CNC welding production lines, 2 rack production lines, 15 CNC metal profiled sheet production lines and complete auxiliary equipments. Annual output of the company has reached: 50,000 tons of steel structures, 2,000,000 square meters of composite color steel plates and 30,000 tons of C&Z section steel purlins.
           Main products of the company include: parking building of steel structure, high-rise steel structure, truss structure, bridge structure, portal frame, building curtain wall composite plates and metal surface composite plates etc. The products have been sold not only to more than ten provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions like Hebei, Beijing, Tianjin and adjacent areas, but also to such countries as: Mongolia, Vietnam, Russia, Pakistan, Ghana, Venezuela and Iraq etc.
           20 years of development history make Tianrong Group gradually matured, more formal, systematic and professional. We are willing to cooperate with all sectors of society to make persistent efforts to promote the development of steel construction industry, with our advanced technology, scientific management, excellent product quality, excellent corporate reputation, sincere customer service, flexible management style and pragmatic and innovative spirit of enterprise.

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